Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy referrals to using cups with negative pressure applied to the body. The negative pressure allows nutrient rich blood to be pulled into the injured area. Slide cupping lifts the skin providing a space below the skin where the fascia is so that the muscles can relax. Wet cupping helps removes stasis blood and toxins in the injured areas and facilitates quicker recovery time.


Acupuncture Point Injection Therapy (Acu Point Injection)

Acu Point injection is the use of needle to inject sterile homeopathic solutions like traumeel, zeel, and other vitamins such as B-12 into acupuncture points to further stimulate and activate the points for quicker healing responses.



Acupressure therapy stimulates the body's circulatory, lymphatic and hormonal systems. It helps release muscle tension and promotes blood circulation to stimulate and activate body’s functions.


Massage therapy (Therapeutic & Medical Massage only)

Our therapeutic and medical massage therapy focuses on healing injuries, relieve pain, improve function, and increase circulation. Our therapists may incorporate deep-tissue massage, myofascial release, trigger point/pressure point work, various movement therapies or passive-resistive stretching techniques.