Dr. Gigi Lane, LAC, DOM

Dr. Gigi Lane is a board certified acupuncture physician and a fellow of the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture.  Dr. Gigi Lane earned both her Bachelors of Health Science and Masters in Oriental Medicine from East West College of Natural Medicine.  She is licensed in Florida and Maryland and practices at Anna Health Clinic, in Tampa, Florida.

Pursuing a license to practice Traditional Chinese Medicine was a personal journey. After a cancer diagnosis, it was the integration of Eastern and Western medicine that provided the best results in getting back to good health. Eastern medicine is focused on the body as a whole, there is no separation of mind, body and spirit. Using acupuncture and herbs, the body will return to a natural healthy balance. The impact is unlimited to what our medicine can do for good health.

Our practice provides many modalities and practices, with the intent to personalize each patient's treatment plan to meet the needs of the individual. We form a partnership with our patients to design the best protocols, using a variety of Eastern procedures. Our most common practices are acupuncture, cupping (including wet cupping), ear diagnosis with ear seed treatments, injection therapy, electrostimulation, tuina, and guasha. I have a great passion for herbal medicine and prescribe formulas from our inhouse herbal pharmacy.

My husband and I have lived in Florida for 6 years. We have 4 children and 8 grandchildren and enjoy every minute we can with them. I am a lifelong learner (5 college degrees) and continue to pursue ongoing knowledge in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Even as a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I find myself at awe of the body's healing power and how natural interventions boost the body to heal.

Dr. Edna Zuluaga, LAC, DOM

Dr. Edna M. Zuluaga is a national board-certified and Florida state-licensed acupuncture physician, qualified for Acupoint Injection Therapy; she earned with honors both her Bachelors of Health Science and Masters in Oriental Medicine from East West College of Natural Medicine in Sarasota, FL.

Originally from Colombia Dr. “Z” moved to the US at a young age. She has always been interested in psychiatry, alternative medicine, NLP, exploring the relationship between body and mind, she started exploring this world when she became a board certified hypnotist in 2009. Then she went back to her home country to pursue further education in the medical field in 2011, earning her degree as a Doctor of Medicine.

 Dr. Z is a forever student, enjoys to learning and reading, she recently finished her studies in Functional Medicine, and recently initiated a Diplomate of Integrative Medicine. She has great passion for Chinese Medicine, the power of herbs, and homeopathic remedies. Dr. Zuluaga loves helping her patients achieve their desired wellbeing using this different approaches combining Eastern and Western medicine.

 Dr. Z is fluent in English and Spanish, she specializes in pain, women’s health and psycho-emotional disorders. 

Dr. Phu Tran, DC, Acupuncture Certified

Dr. Phu Tran is a board certified chiropractic physician and a fellow of the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture.  Dr. Tran received his Bachelor of Science degree from Nova Southeastern University and his Doctor of Chiropractic from National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, Illinois. 

At Anna Health, he works with patients of all ages and physical abilities, including professional athletes, offering a full range of care analysis, diversified and activator chiropractic adjustments, rehabilitation therapy, nutritional counseling, auto accident injuries and acupuncture treatments.

Dr. Tran is a strong advocate of a “whole person” approach to wellness.  His treatments are individualized to meet each and every patient’s needs.  He is committed to assist his patients in achieving health goals and that means looking for underlying causes of any disturbance or disruption, which may or may not be the cause of symptoms at the time and make the necessary interventions.  He will take the time to ensure that his patients are satisfied with their care. 

At Anna Health, we take a natural approach to healthcare and make it easy for the body to heal itself.  From acupuncture treatments to chiropractic adjustments, we will sure find a technique that works for you!

Dr. Tin Huynh, AP, DOM

Dr. Tin T. Huynh is a third generation Vietnamese & Chinese Traditional Medicine healer with a focus on acupuncture and herbal medicine. He holds a degree in Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine issued by East West College of Natural Medicine and The China Academy of Chinese Medicine. He is honored to preserve and carry on his family legacy of 3 generations of acupuncture techniques and herbal medicine formulas.

Dr. Tin Huynh started Anna Health Healing Center in Tampa, FL in 2014 focusing on acupuncture and herbal medicine.  Growing up in a family that has over 100 years of Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine experience, Dr. Tin Huynh holds himself to the highest standard of quality and compassionate health care. He is intimately aware of each of his patient’s health goals and the health issues that prevent them from reaching these goals. Each day he is eager to utilize his knowledge to help his patients indentify the root cause of their health issues and help them achieve long-term wellness.

He believes our bodies are resilient and have the ability to heal itself and is very passionate about facilitating this healing process. His friendly and approachable demeanor puts his patients at ease and his expertise and perfectionism ensures excellent results. Dr. Tin Huynh and his staff work with patients to decrease or eliminate their needs for pharmaceutical medications and develop a plan that works best for them. His goal at Anna Health Healing Center is to provide individualized, patient-centered care to help manage illnesses, hard-to-treat disorders, and health concerns that have no clear definition or causes.

Dr. Tin Huynh also has an extensive background in technology and software design. He holds a 3rd degree black belt in Vovinam Martial Art. He enjoys fishing and spending time with his family.

Tam Huynh, Pharm. D, A.P.
Vietnamese Traditional Medicine University, Board Advisory

Mr. Huynh Trong Tam is a second generation Oriental Medicine healer in the Huynh family with a focus on acupuncture and herbal medicine.  He holds a Masters of Oriental Medicine degree in Vietnamese & Chinese Traditional Medicine credited by the Eastern Traditional Medicine University in Saigon, Vietnam.  He is currently retired and served a board adviser member at Anna Health Alternative Medicine – Acupuncture & Wellness.

Mr. Huynh Trong Tam is regarded as one of the East Coast areas’ most respected and well-liked acupuncture physician. He has over 40 years of acupuncture experience and clinical work. In addition to practicing Oriental Medicine, he is also a Master in Vovinam Martial Art.

After graduating from the Saigon Pharmacology University and Vietnam Army Medical School in 1972, he answered his country’s call to serve in the Vietnam War as a military hospital’s general manager.  Having served in the military and spent years in reeducation camp, Mr. Huynh Trong Tam came back to Kontum, Vietnam and followed his father’s footstep to open a family medical clinic practicing Oriental Medicine and raised his family there. He was widely known as the “medicine man”. 

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, due to different political views, thousands of immigrants set sail for other countries with the hope for freedom and liberty. Among these people, Mr. Huynh Trong Tam and his family left their home and headed for America. 

In America, Mr. Huynh Trong Tam was re-certified and started his career at York Hospital in Pennsylvania and then at Palms Pasadena Hospital, Humana Hospital and Medisave Pharmacy in Florida. 

In 1995, Mr. Huynh Trong Tam started Green Bamboo Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine clinic in Charlotte, North Carolina.  The clinic grew rapidly to become a well-known private Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine center among the Vietnamese community in the United States.  The clinic treated well over 100 patients daily.  Mr. Huynh Trong Tam also mentored and trained post graduates and medical doctors in using acupuncture techniques.

As a Doctor of Acupuncture, Mr. Huynh Trong Tam has touched the lives of many people in his community and around the world through his "Hands of Steel and Heart of Gold" program in Charlotte, NC. His work was later recognized and awarded by mayor Patrick Lloyd "Pat" McCrory, MAJ. GEN. Gerald A. “Rudy” Rudisill, Jr., and the governor of North Carolina, James B. Hunt, Jr in 1998.  View additional info here

In his leisure time, Master Huynh enjoys writing poems and songs, playing musical instruments and is also serving as an active judge at the World Congress of Vovinam Martial Art.